BE WELCOME is the first in a series of art exhibitions and events to be hosted by St Ann’s Church in partnership with PassionArt, creating a conversation between spirituality, the arts and community. It extends the work of The PassionArt Trails in 2014/16, using the mindful reflection of art to explore wholehearted living. These exhibitions will allow the Christian calendar to form a structure for the events although the art works will not necessarily be religious in nature, but aim to invite us to reflect on values that are common to all faith groups, helping us to live compassionately, peacefully and creatively in our diverse and exciting city.


In this exhibition we are touching on the theme of welcoming the stranger; a spiritual value shared by most faith backgrounds; the offering of hospitality and welcome to family, friend and stranger, is to see all of humanity as our neighbour. By seeking the spark of the divine in every face we encounter we welcome the lessons and stories they can bring to us.

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THE STATIONS by Marksteen Adamson

“The Stations is a photographic essay by Marksteen Adamson, exploring suffering and persecution as seen through the lives and stories of the refugees he met in Calais and Lebanon. Many have lost their homes, livelihoods, careers, belongings and in many cases, family members and friends due to war and persecution, often because of what they believe or just because of their ethnic status. Abandoned by their leaders, betrayed by evil traffickers, beaten and humiliated by police in neighbouring countries, violated and defiled by ruthless gangs along the way; the modern-day refugee has become a defining symbol of horrific suffering beyond imagination.


The Stations reinterprets an ancient series of images which have spoken for centuries to those who have experienced pain and desolation. Christ’s journey of suffering is a universal one, played out in the suffering of people from different faith backgrounds, captured through stories and pictures of a modern humanitarian crisis.”

Justin Brierley

TRACING PRESENCE by Elizabeth Kwant

Tracing Presence are a series of acrylic and charcoal paintings created from 2012- 2013 when Kwant was Artist in Resident at The Boaz Trust and The Mustard Tree, both Christian charities serving destitute asylum seekers and refugees across Greater Manchester. As part of the daily flow of the community, Beth produced this life size series of portraits over the course of the year in response to the stories she heard from female asylum seekers.